Frequently asked questions

How many students are in the saxophone studio?

The amount of students in the studio varies year to year, but the number of students tends to be around 15-22 students.

Do I have to apply/auditon for the saxophone studio?

Yes! In order to be considered for the studio you must first apply to the University of Montana and then reach out to Dr. Eriksson or the School of Music Office to set an audition date. At that point you will audition for the woodwind faculty, and a decision will be sent to you shortly after. For additonal information: https://www.umt.edu/music/future-students/audition-requirements/default.php

Is being in jazz band and a concert band required?

Yes and no. As a member of the saxophone studio you are required to be in a concert band group. That, however, is not true for jazz band or combos. While it is not required to be in a jazz group, it is highly encouraged. It will only benefit your playing and understanding of your place in music as a saxophonist.

Are there scholarships available for being in the studio?

Yes, there are music scholarships tied to the saxophone studio. These scholarships are applied after a successful audition into the studio and are at the discretion of the faculty. For additonal information: https://www.umt.edu/music/future-students/music-scholarships.php